In English

FRIDA ANDERSSON is a singer & songwriter from Ekenäs, Finland. Together with her guitar Frida writes songs that unerringly describe the ups and downs in everyday life. Her organic sound and witty lyrics make you both laugh and cry.

Frida’s career started in Ekenäs in her family’s cosy café, where Frida use to perform together with her sisters and her troubadour father, Bosse Andersson. It has been told that Frida, only 4 years old, declared to her parents that she was going to become a singer – and that is exactly what happened.

But Frida Andersson did not only become a singer, she also became a songwriter, guitarist, sound technician and record company boss. The past few years Frida has been living and working in Stockholm, where she manages her own music label – Casual Friday Music. Frida released her debut album  “Busy missing you” in 2009 on Cosmos Music Group (Bonnier Amigo) but later decided to go solo. She recorded & produced her second album “Sister” herself on her own label.

After making two albums in English, Frida decided to try something new and write songs in her mother tongue Swedish. Her single “Vilsen i Stockholm” (Lost in Stockholm) was released in 2013 and instantly got a lot of plays on the radio stations in Finland and Sweden. Her new album “Håll mej hårt” was released in Finland on December 6th 2013 and in Sweden on January 21st 2014. In 2013 Frida also guest starred the legendary Swedish jazz-pop band Bo Kaspers Orkester’s on their nordic Christmas tour.

In September 2013 Frida was awarded the Vega award for “The Female Artist of the Year”. The Vega award is conducted by the national Swedish radio station YLE Vega in Finland. The nominees were chosen by a selected jury consisting of media and music professionals.

The jury’s motivation:

“This is an independent singer, who does her own thing. Her music has been well received also way outside the borders of Finland. She is not only a charismatic vocalist but also a guitarist, songwriter and sound technician. The jury applauds her decision to sing in Finland Swedish, also in Stockholm, even though she feels a bit “lost” at times”

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